Hi there!

My name is Dmitry Kirilenko and I am UX designer with a nine years experience.

During these years I’ve been working on user experience design for websites, digital services, mobile and desktop applications, electronic kiosks etc. I took part both in small business projects for local companies and global products designed for millions of users.

I never miss a chance to boost my skills in a field of my actual work and areas related to it – literature on usability issues and UX conferences keep me up to date.

Due to the technical education (I graduated from Bauman Moscow state technical university as an engineer) it’s not a problem for me to find and maintain a common ground with developers through the working process, understand existing methods of development and their constraints.

I live in Moscow, Russia. Send me an e-mail if you’d like to work together.
My e-mail:
Please, call me if you prefer personal contact: +7 964 765-90-92.

Full CV: PDF (English), PDF (Russian).