Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is a Swiss knife in a sphere of digital life. The application protects from malware, preserves privacy and provides security of a user in web, protects online payments and ensures parental control.


I’ve been working as a lead designer on the family of personal privacy products in Kaspersky Lab since 2012.

All three products (Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Total Security) are of utmost importance for me, for the user base of this products family consists of 20 million of users, and that means my responsibility as a designer increases greatly.


This project has a curious history – at the beginning of its development and production it was aimed for geeks and since that time it contains a lot of features and preferences, which allows geeks to take full control of the antivirus and the software.



But the time has changed and at this moment the main part of the users are people of intermediate or entry level in computer literacy and they are in need of an antivirus which deals with all problems itself and notifies the user with “Done! The virus is eliminated!”, without any additional system settings to be adjusted manually.


Products intended for personal computer protection are one of the most challenging kind of commercial products, to my mind.

Nobody craves for an antivirus, that’s the application the users have to get not to lose personal data. That’s why product managers and UX designers should search for a balance between showing the product’s advantages and being non-intrusive. Should you overdo with any of these characteristics, users stop understanding what they pay for or cancel their licenses because the application bothers them a lot.


We do our best to integrate our products into OS enabling them to use maximum system functions in cases when it’s possible, all this to improve learnability and reduce excessive challenges for the users.



Probably, I had no project in my practice that difficult and overwhelming, because one cannot but take into account 20 million of users and long history of this product. Still it makes the project more outstanding and exciting, although it requires all-year engagement without breaks.

Kaspersky Total Security 2016 is already available. A free trial version for 30 days is available on the official website kaspersky.com.

Some of project's mockups

Main window
PNG, 4607x4541

No license state
PNG, 4320x3186

Scan improvements
PNG, 4328x1123

Trusted Applications Mode
PNG, 4646x1765

PNG, 5977x2345

Resources management (for geeks)
PNG, 4422x2260